Coffee with a cause

Coffee with a cause

Siena Coffee is proud to partner with Coffee Kids, and join a growing group of forward-thinking individuals, companies, foundations, and shops who understand that coffee is more than just the best part of the day—it is an experience we care about. Coffee is a crop that can help lift people across the world out of poverty, and an industry that many of us rely on.

Coffee Kids partners with communities to foster the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit needed to protect the future of coffee farming. Founded in 1988, Coffee Kids was the first nonprofit within the budding specialty coffee industry dedicated solely to improving coffee farmers’ quality of life.

Since Coffee Kids’ inception, they have partnered with over 200,000 coffee-farming families in over 400 communities, and a generous base of supporters from both within and outside of the coffee industry to collaborate with the next generation of coffee farmers, helping them to realize their full potential as part of the global coffee community.

Coffee Kids provides training, mentoring, and financial support to young coffee farmers so that they can implement creative solutions to the challenges they face in the changing coffee industry.

Join Siena Coffee and Coffee Kids to do your part in protecting the future of coffee by joining our Supporter’s Circle today!