Single Origin - Brazil

Daterra is a grower of Brazilian coffee best known for its high quality coffee as well as innovative approach to the environment. Sustainability and social responsibility have always been a priority. 50% of Daterra farms are designated as preservation areas while still producing quality coffees. The company’s most valuable assets, its employees and the community, are especially cared for. Daterra Farms is an excellent example of environmental and social responsibility, which the group has been preserving for over 100 years.

Cup Characteristics:
Nutty, chocolaty, fruity, sweet aftertaste of vanilla and marzipan.

Region: Cerrado, Mogiana
Growing Altitude: 1150 masl
Variety: Arabica Variety Various
Harvest Period: April-August
Milling Process: Pulped Natural
Notes: Almond, Chocolate, Floral
Flavor: Hazelnut, Chocolate
Body: Smooth

Rain Forest Certified

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