Single Origin - Guatemala

La Cascada Hacienda, which translates to “The Waterfall Estate”, is located in the heart of the Alta Verapaz region of Guatemala; an area known for its lush jungle and indigenous history. The rich soils and high elevation provide the perfect environment to produce exquisite coffee, recognized as one of the finest in Central America.

The people of La Cascada have been able to create a crisp, well balanced, full-bodied cup that encompasses the citrus fruit and floral notes of the region; along with a sweet caramelized finish. This coffee pairs perfectly when brewed with a traditional drip brew technique.

Cup Characteristics
Our Guatemalan coffee has strong chocolate notes, with a bright and fine acidity and notes of orange and lemon. It offers an exquisite roundness and pleasant mouthfeel, which can satisfy the most demanding palates.

Region: San Cristobal Verapaz, Alta Verapaz
Growing Altitude: 1300-1600 masl
Variety: Arabica
Harvest Period: January to March
Milling Process: Washed, sun, and machine dried
Notes:  Floral, citrus blossom, stone fruit, caramel and chocolate
Body: Round, full

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