Single Origin - Kenya

Coffee lovers who are looking for that cup of coffee that stands out from the crowd, look no further. Our Nguvu, Kenya coffee, is a blend of rare and exotic coffee beans harvested from a small-holder cooperative in the Murang’a district of Kenya. The area is considered the traditional home of the Kikuyu tribe, which currently makes up 22% of the Kenyan population. The area's red, loamy soil and startlingly high altitudes contribute to a juicy, berry-flavored coffee, that is sparkling and gets sweeter as it cools.

The AA Grade is the top grade of Kenyan coffee. All Kenyan coffee is graded primarily by screen size (a measure of the size of the bean, larger being higher grade) immediately after milling; it then proceeds to the weekly auction at the Nairobi Coffee Exchange. After grading, the quality distinction “Top” or “Plus” indicates that only a minimal amount of slight defects were allowed as long as they have no effect on the cup. These coffees are typically grown at 1350-1800 masl. Very high-quality coffees often derive from small co-ops and may be auctioned as separate lots.

Cup Characteristics
Cane sugar, intense stone fruit flavors, nectarine, herbaceous florals, clean, juicy, with complex acidity.

Region: Nguvu, Kenya
Growing Altitude: 1,500–1,800 meters
Variety: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian
Harvest Period: December to February
Notes: Black Currant, Citrus, Savory
Body: Rich, Molasses

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