Coffee Confessions


Hello! Welcome to Siena Coffee Company, a place where you can discover the exclusive taste of coffee from all over the world. Every single coffee bean tells a story, and we nurture it here at Siena.

As a young lady, I have discovered that coffee is more than just a drink – it is a form of art. My parents had this ritual to start their day with a fresh pot of coffee. That would always bring our family together and allow us to connect and feel loved. Until this day, the magical scent and rich flavor of coffee bring me back to my childhood and reminds me how beautiful life is. Later in my life, I had an opportunity to study in Siena, Italy, where I've continued my exploration of coffee and all the little details that surround this wonderful drink. I would spend hours in local coffee shops, talking to coffee makers, and learning the business from the inside out. The fact that so many people did not know how extraordinary and unique coffee is, inspired me to establish Siena Coffee Company and introduce the highest quality product to the world.

Siena coffee is all about quality and taste! We source Specialty Grade coffee from all around the world, guaranteeing the top quality and experience to our customers. Our organic beans are roasted in small batches in sunny southern California before their reach your cozy bed in the morning. As quality remains our top priority, all the beans are free of pesticides, mold, microorganisms, and mycotoxins. Not only does that allow us to maintain the delicate taste of different types of beans, but it also promotes sustainability and nurtures our nature.

Siena Coffee is proud to partner with Coffee Kids, and Tennis Serves Others and join a growing group of forward-thinking individuals, companies, foundations, and shops who understand that coffee is much more than just a drink – it is a ritual that brings us together and rejoices our souls. Let your day begin with the highest quality coffee that is produced by professionals who love their job and customers! Thank you for visiting and be well.